Apalachee High School Bands

Committee Chairs

These parents are volunteers that are willing to lead a certain portion of our band program and the parents that help in their area. They make decisions about how to perform the tasks related to their area, schedule the other parent volunteers, and assist the executive board members in guiding the booster club.

Committee Chairs may retain their positions as long as they wish to continue in their chosen area. If you wish to be a committee chair, e-mail Mr. Fuller to further discuss what is required for each committee.

Join the Executive Board

If you have an interest in working with the band program a little more closely or wish to help guide the booster club, then consider becoming a member of the executive board. These positions are elected by the booster clubs active members in the spring of each year at a booster club meeting. If you wish to submit your name for consideration just e-mail Mr. Fuller with the position you wish to run for.

Each board position is for a one year term from May through the school year until April. Each Board member may be re-elected for a second term only.